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Do I need a reservation?

Being a small neighborhood restaurant that doesn’t take reservations for groups under 6, we want to be able to give more customers the opportunity to enjoy our experience. Sello’s recommends calling the restaurant up to 2 hours ahead maximum to add your name to the call ahead list for parties less than 6. For groups of 6 or more we will consider reservations based on the size of the group and time requested. ADDING YOUR NAME TO LIST DOES NOT ELIMINATE YOUR WAIT! However, it will give you an advantage opposed to just walking in.

Can I host a party at Sello’s?

Please contact Sello’s after 3:30 pm to inquire about availability for large parties. Booking out the lounge/bar area is an option for cocktail parties of up to 30 guests, so please contact us to arrange a special event for you. The best way to start that conversation is via email at sellosoven@gmail.com or click here to fill out the Groups form.

Can we bring our children?

Although we adore kids, the small dining room layout is such that it is not conducive to highchairs or strollers. Therefore, we do not offer a kid’s menu at Sello’s.

Can I answer phone calls in the restaurant?

We know it’s hard to live without, and we want you to take advantage of our Wi-Fi, so all we ask is that you turn your phone on silent mode and do not talk on it or stream movies/music while you’re at the table without headphones.

Is there a dress code?

Shoes please and guys, tanks tops just don’t look appetizing on 85% of men, so please don’t wear them to Sello’s dining room. Ladies, please no swimwear unless you have a cover-up on. Other than that, we know many of you are on vacation & we are near the harbor, so we want you to be comfortable, so t-shirts and shorts are fine.

How is the parking situation?

Parking at Sello’s can be challenging at times. There are only 31 parking spots, including some parallel parking in the back of the building. All of Sello’s staff parks off premise to allow all available parking spots to guests. We ask that you do not park in the Spy Glass Condominium parking lot. We can only encourage you to park on our own property and the public parking at the south end of the Park n ride or at the Ocean City Commercial Harbor (Sunset Avenue in West Ocean City) just south of Sello’s. We encourage you to carpool or use the many taxi services that Ocean city has to offer, especially if you plan to drink alcohol. Sello’s will not tow your car if you decide to leave your car here overnight, just please let us know before that you leave that you plan to do so.

What do you do for a birthday?

If you let us know that you are celebrating a birthday at the table when you enter, we will be happy to help celebrate by turning on our disco ball that’s attached to the Fiat wheel with the music to match, when you order a dessert (with a candle of course!) for the birthday person. Remember, you must ask for this service, it is not automatic. We prefer that you select from our house-made, all natural fresh desserts; with a wide selection to choose from. If you plan to bring in a dessert/cake, please know we will charge a $3 service charge per person.


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